One Week to Go

August 20, 2010

Wow has this past month been a hot mess. Good and Bad. With Q’s accident, Hong Kong, Ben’s visit, Boseong, etc. all while trying to get everything sorted out for my return to Amer-I- Ca(n). I have been running around like a coked out Whitney Houston, just sweaty and anxious. So that’s my excuse for no blog entries. That and the fact that I haven’t been sitting in my office at school with nothing to do.

SO what is a quick fix for that? KOREAN POP MUSIC! Here is SHINee with the Song Lucifer. I feel like the prettiness of these boys is too much for males, and maybe some females, to handle in the States, but this is pretty standard for boy bands here and I don’t even notice anymore. Until I think back to how popular G-Dragon was when I first got here.


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